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Choose our Simple SPC

Simple, Flexible, Real-Time, Secure, and Low-Cost

Simple and practical

  • Browser-based
  • As long as the data is updated, the SPC control chart on the page will be updated in real time, without the need to refresh manually
  • Automatically compile SPC control charts and make SPC exception judgments based on the latest data
  • SPC control charts can mark and remove outliers, and filter data for SPC analysis

  • 灵活创新的SPC控制图

    Powerful Custom Rules

    • Full support for SPC standard rules for out-of-control signals
    • Support for various custom rules for out-of-control signals
    • Support for custom rule groups for out-of-control signals, with custom rule settings at the system, user, and test item levels

    SPC Dashboard

    Our SPC software supports creating unlimited SPC dashboards, your best partner for comprehensive workshop quality management, allowing you to monitor any test item.

  • Rich Content: Real-time SPC control charts, histograms, rainbow charts, etc., displaying production processes in multiple dimensions.
  • Real-time Data Synchronization: Automatic updates, no manual refresh needed, early detection and handling of anomalies.
  • Flexible Customization: Customize exclusive dashboards based on workshop conditions and freely select monitoring items.
  • Easy Operation: No complicated setup, easy to get started, helping enterprises achieve comprehensive quality improvement.
  • SPCEnhanced features

    Low-cost SPC

    Enhanced features

      Our SPC software offers comprehensive enhanced quality analysis tools to help you delve deeper into data value and continuously improve product quality.
    • Regression analysis: Reveals relationships between variables, predicts future trends, and provides a scientific basis for process optimization.
    • Normality test: Verifies whether the data conforms to a normal distribution, ensuring the reliability of the analysis results.
    • Distribution fitting: Identifies the best-fit distribution for the data.
    • CPK tool: Allows for the creation of SPC control charts and process capability analysis without the need to synchronize test data.
    • In addition, we will continue to enrich and improve our enhanced analysis functions to provide you with more data insights and decision support.

    Low-cost SPC

  • B/S architecture, centralized deployment, no need for each user to install and pay separately
  • Simple SPC, focusing on SPC functions, not a comprehensive quality business analysis product
  • Lightweight SPC software system architecture, no need for large component fees
  • Unlimited number of users, unlimited online users, unlimited inspection points, unlimited SPC large screen dashboards
  • SPCEnhanced features

    Low-cost SPC

    Improve your work performance

    • Automated SPC control charts make your reporting unparalleled.
    • Real-time SPC control charts on the production floor are refreshing.
    • You'll be confident in your understanding of how input results impact SPC anomaly detection.
    • Monthly reports can be well-founded and evidence-based.


    Whether it's manual entry, Excel import, or API synchronization, as long as the data is updated, the SPC control chart and SPC dashboard will be updated automatically.


    Flexible SPC control chart, flexible SPC dashboard, and flexible specification grouping rules

    Low Cost

    One-time lifetime server license (no annual license fee), unlimited number of users, unlimited simultaneous online users, unlimited number of inspection points, unlimited number of SPC screens


    Very low IT technical requirements, SPC can be implemented and deployed without IT involvement


    Based on B/S architecture, compatible with various B/S applications of the enterprise, achieving embedded SPC, and also supporting mobile browser access

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